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Why 3rd Party IT Maintenance Support?
Communi-Serve, LLC.
Higher Profits. Better Service. Guaranteed.
BIG SAVINGS (25% Guarantee)
FLEXIBLE Service Level Agreements (SLA's)
MULTI-VENDOR SUPPORT (Single Point of Contact)
Saving you money is the easy part. The real savings are the reduction of time spent placing service tickets, waiting for a response, waiting for the engineer to get on-site (hopefully with the right parts), and waiting to be fixed. Start saving money and time now.
Are you sick of Bronze, Silver, and Gold plans that your vendors offer? You pay too much or you do not get the support you deserve. Enjoy the flexibility to call the shots. You are free to determine what is or is not mission critical. Start making the rules, not following theirs.
Do you enjoy having to make multiple calls when your equipment fails? Reduce the number of vendors you have to call. Enjoy the benefits of one phone number to call and a single point of contact for your server, storage, and networking maintenance.
When your servers, storage, or networking are down, do you want to worry about when the engineers will be there, if they have the right part, and if they are able to fix it?  Begin experiencing prompt, professional, and certified engineers that come to the job prepared with local, certified, and test parts.
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